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Rejoice small and big businesses in Malaysia! Select our specially curated Digital Marketing Malaysia plans that you can actually afford.


With your business sizes in mind, we specially curated three plans to help your business get more leads and stay engaged with customers.

Digital Marketing Malaysia

RM 499 / Per month
  • 12 Blog post
    12 SEO optimized long-tail keyword
    144 Blog-derived social post
    12 Royalty-free design artwork
    6-month contract

Digital Marketing Malaysia 360

RM 1499 / Per month
  • 12 Blog post
  • 12 SEO optimized long-tail keyword
    6 SEO links
  • 144 Blog-derived social post
  • 12 Royalty-free design artwork
    6 Email marketing post
    12 Blog-derived video
  • RM500/month Ad-spend (Adwords/Facebook Ads)
    6-month contract

Digital Marketing Malaysia

RM 5000 / Per month
  • Please contact us to customize the digital marketing plan that suits your needs.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential strategy that not only works in the short term but will also bring you traffic for years to come. With all our Digital Marketing Malaysia packages, we’ll plan out and write for the duration of the package. Furthermore we’ll make sure it gets in front of the right people, through redistribution and social marketing.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an under-rated component of digital marketing as it is a long-term game and the impact cannot be felt immediately. However, one should not neglect SEO as correctly set up SEO strategies will bring long term organic traffic to the website. Unlike paid traffic, organic traffic from Google search is free and this is instrumental to the traffic development of the website.

Paid Ads

The marketing channel that can deliver the most immediate ROI is paid advertising. Coupling paid advertising with content marketing, SEO and social media will further boost the effectiveness of paid advertising campaign.

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Other Services

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Video Marketing

Chatbots/Messenger Marketing

Paid Ads Optimization Using AI Tech

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What are the objectives of these digital marketing plans?

Your brand spanking new website is of no purpose without visitors to get new leads and business from. Hence, all our digital marketing plans are curated to build organic visitors in mind. Our content marketing and SEO works will help to get this job done.

How long would it take for me to see results?

There is a reason we set a minimum 6-month contract as SEO and content marketing works are a long term game. If you want to see immediate results, opt for Digital Marketing Malaysia 360/Enterprise plans as these plans have been specially curated for the long term game and also for immediate results. 

Do I get to choose what topic to be written on blog?

Of course you can, we rely on your inputs and suggestions when writing blog post because you know your industry more than we do. We will supplement your ideas with SEO best practice so that the blog would bring customers for years to come.

Sounds interesting but I do not have a website..

No sweat. We actually have an affordable website development package under RM2,000 with an optional maintenance package for all your website needs. Contact us for more info. 

Will I get any kind of report?

Yes we will send a monthly report of the work done based on your plan. If you subscribed to Digital Marketing Malaysia 360/Enterprise plan, we will also send the relevant paid advertising metrics report. 

I am not sure if I can afford these plans..

Let me put it this way, take our Digital Marketing Malaysia 360 plan for example, the cost of it is just RM1499 per month, which is a little bit more than the Malaysian minimum wage. Imagine what would you get from somebody that you hire for a little more than minimum wage and compare it with what would you get from our team with 10+ years experience in digital marketing. Believe me, you would not want to be on the wrong end of a stick. 

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